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Court Interpreters

All court interpreters in one place, in Sarajevo downtown

About Us

About court interpreters

​The simplest and quickest way to a fast and high quality certified translation.

If you need a certified translation of your documents, it can be done in one place, from and to most of the foreign languages, by court interpreters. You may personally bring your documents, contact us and request a non-binding offer for the document and we will get back to you shortly with the return information – cost estimate. You will find us in downtown Sarajevo, address: Musala 7, near the Presidency building, tel: 033/204-450.


Step by step to finalized translation

1. Document Receipt

You can send us documents for translation in several ways:

  • by personal delivery to our Agency at the following address
    Musala 7, Sarajevo;
  • my mail;
  • Viber (taka a photo of the document and send to our Viber number+387 62 656 238);
  • by e-mail;;
  • by fax;+387 33 214 063;
  • through our /Facebook page;

2. Translation of Documents

Documents are translated by expert and experienced court interpreters for a particular language. The translation authenticated by a court interpreter has to be accurate and in compliance with the original. It has to be authenticated with a round stamp and signature of the interpreter, in order to be accepted by courts and other relevant authorities, local and foreign.


3. Quality Control

We pay special attention to quality control and perform additional verification of translations by the court interpreters. Our standard translation undergoes at least a double procedure – translation, proofreading and editing – with the aim of high level of accuracy and credibility.

In consultations with clients, we develop our own glossaries of terms used for individual clients or individual industry. This way we enhance the translation procedure and provide uniform and adequate use of terminology. In any case, we comply with linguistic requirements from our clients.

We also use Trados 2015.


4. Handover of finalized translation/sending translated documents

Translated documents can be handed over/sent in several ways;

  • by personal takeover
  • by regular mail
  • by express mail

If you need only a scanned document, we will send it by e-mail, Viber or fax.

Our Values

...what distinguishes us from others

Persistence and thoroughness

We provide the high quality of our translations by verifying every translation under all relevant criteria.

Planning and coordination

Through planning and direct assignments, we coordinate with our specialized expert translations. Our experienced project management ensures flawless translation of orders, even for multilingual projects.


Our final translation is the result of competence, authenticity of details and thorough work. The translation has to be read as the original. Leave it to us!

Why us?

  • Quick and reliable service
  • Express courier service and mail delivery
  • Simple order
  • Scanning and delivery of authenticated translation by e-mail or fax
  • Translations developed pursuant to the valid Rulebook on Certified Court Interpreters
  • Archiving for later additional copies of authenticated translations at a symbolic price

Others about us

A number of our esteemed clients is the best indicator of our reputation, professionalism and long experience.
They placed their trust in us and we have been justifying this trust with high quality work for years.

Opinions of our clients are of great importance


Cijenjeni korisnici naših usluga, pored fizičkih, su i pravna lica čije reference možete vidjeti u nastavku.

Price List

Translation prices of the court interpreters are defined by the court interpreters translation reward rates. Translation rates are following:

From one of the official languages of the FBiH to a foreign language
(all languages, written translation)

  • up to 15 lines - 15.00 KM
  • more than 15 lines - for every typed line 0.75 KM

From a foreign language to one of the official languages of the FBiH
(all languages, written translation)

  • up to 15 lines - 8.00 KM
  • more than 15 lines - for every typed line 0.75 KM

From one foreign language to another foreign language
(all languages, written translation)

  • up to 15 lines - 12.00 KM
  • more than 15 lines - for every typed line 0.75 KM
  • The fee under heading 1 is calculated per a line of translation typed on the computer, provided that one started line is counted as a whole line.
  • For translation of complex scientific and technical texts and texts with a special script (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.), the fee may be increased up to 50%.
  • For review and certification of the translation done by another person, court interpreter is entitled to half of the fee under the heading 1.


Contact form

Contact info

  • Address
    Musala 7, 71000 Sarajevo
    Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Phone
    +387 33 204-450
  • Viber
    +387 62 656-238
  • Fax
    +387 33 214-063
  • Email